Abandoned House In Your Neighborhood

abandoned house in houston

Are you living in Houston and dealing with an abandoned home in your neighborhood?

It can be frustrating.

Not only do abandoned homes become an eye-sore in the community, but they also can attract squatters or unsavory characters to spend time in the neighborhood.

But you’re just a member of the community — you’re not the owner of the home.

Can you do anything about it?

Yes! You certainly can.

Here are a few things to think about…

Find Out if The Home is Abandoned Or Just Vacant — The actions to take are a little bit different depending on if the home is vacant or totally abandoned. So asking around the neighborhood and seeing what you can learn is a good first step.

Report Violations — Is the home or the landscaping of the home violating community housing requirements? It might be worth reporting this to local authorities so that they can put some pressure on the homeowner to make some changes.

Speak With The Homeowners — You might also consider speaking to the homeowners themselves and seeing if they have anything planned for the property. Also, feel free to tell them about us over at Brilliant Day Homes and how we buy properties as-is for cash. We’ll make it painless and quick for them to sell their property for a fair cash price. And we can even close in as little as two weeks! Tell them to call 713-903-2582 to speak with us.

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