Dealing With The Foundation Before Selling In Houston

slab crack in houston. Dealing with the foundation before selling

We buy houses in Houston and know that if you are planning to sell a house that has foundation issues you may have issues. Unfortunately, foundation issues can be very expensive and will add zero value to your home. In addition, you must disclose a cracked foundation even if it will scare off many potential buyers. Read along to this article to find out what you need to know.

Main causes of a bad slab foundation in Houston

Foundation problems have two main causes: problems with the construction of the foundation, or the environment that it is in.


This would be the result of many things. The ground not being properly compacted below the slab, the mixture of cement being wrong, the foundation not being given proper time to cure before weight was added to it. In newer houses, these issues can be addressed with the builder’s warranty since it was something that was caused by them. Keep in mind that a builder’s warranty is typically only good for about 10 years.


One of the leading causes of foundation damage is poor drainage around the perimeter of the house. Allowing water to pool in areas allows the foundation to start to sink into the soggy ground. Also, not properly watering the foundation can cause issues if you have extended periods of time where the area is dry.

How can a bad foundation be fixed?

Usually, the way to repair a foundation that is to add piers. Piers are additional supports that are placed into the ground around the outside of the slab. Here they are pushed deep into the ground and raise up and support the foundation to level it out and prevent it from sinking further. Check out the video below to better understand the process.

Foundation Repair with Helical Piers and Push Piers

Sometimes piers need to be installed underneath the center of the house. Here the same thing happens, except it requires to actually tunnel under the property to reach a point to place the piers.

What happens if a foundation cannot be repaired?

In most cases the slab can be repaired, however, there are usually just two options if you cannot repair a foundation – replace the foundation, or demolish the house. Replacing the foundation is incredibly expensive at $300 to $1000 per linear foot. To put that in perspective – a single-story, 1,600 square foot house would have a minimum of 160 linear feet (not including a garage). This would mean that the replacement would cost between $48,000 and $160,000! In many cases, the cost to replace a foundation isn’t worth doing. Check out the video below that shows what replacing a foundation consists of:

Crumbling Concrete Foundation Repair Services

We buy houses with foundation problems

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