How To Deal With A Frustrating Tenant In Houston

Options To Deal With A Frustrating Tenant In Houston

If you own a rental property in Houston, sooner or later you’re going to deal with a frustrating tenant in one of your properties. Maybe they trashed the property, maybe they never pay rent on time, maybe there are too many people living there, maybe they just call you for every little thing. No matter what the situation, tenants like that will eventually rent your property. Read in for how to deal with a frustrating tenant in today’s blog by the Brilliant Day Homes Team.

1. Work with your tenant

landlord and tenant working together in houston

The best option is to try and work or negotiate with your tenants. Keep in mind that your tenants are people and deal with issues just like you. Have you taken the time to have a discussion with them over what is going on. There are many times that a clear discussion can resolve an issue before you need to proceed to more drastic measures. It is best to also have your lease agreement and highlight how what is going on is in violation of the agreement. Perhaps your tenants don’t realize they are inconveniencing you or maybe they’re not paying because they need a different payment schedule (such as weekly instead of monthly).

2. Cash for keys

If you can’t reach an agreement with your tenants, another option is to offer cash for keys. If your tenants are in violation of your lease agreement you can offer them a few hundred to a thousand dollars as a compromise to leave the house. This is a win-win because you don’t have to go through the eviction process, and they aren’t hurt by an eviction in their background. It is best to put something in writing, saying that they will be out of the house in a number of days and also start proceeding with the eviction process in the event that they take the money and don’t actually leave.

3. Eviction

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No one wants to go through the process of kicking someone out of a house but sometimes it’s necessary. Evicting tenants can be tricky and even legally complicated. You will need to follow what is stated in your lease in terms of when you can serve the notice to vacate. If your lease agreement does not specifically state a length of time, a minimum of 3 days is required before you can file an eviction

4. Other legal options

In some situations, you may be able to explore other legal options, from suing your tenants to getting their wages garnished. It all depends on the situation and the laws governing that situation. Of course, you may need to work with a high priced attorney to do this but sometimes it’s worth the expense just to get bad tenant out of your rental property.

5. Sell your property

stack of cash to sell your house

If your tenants are a real hassle and causing you a lot of stress and expense, then you can always sell your property. In fact, a lot of rental property owners that sell to us do so because of the frustrations they face dealing with tenants. Depending on who you sell to, you may not even need to evict your tenant first (for example, in many cases, we just buy and evict for you). For rental property owners with family living in the rental, this is an ideal solution.

If you want to sell your rental property to us and finally get rid of the hassles and headaches, then get in touch and let us know about the property so we can make you an offer. Click here now to fill out the form or call our team at (713) 903-2582.


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