Can You Sell A House With Foundation Problems In Houston?

can you sell a house with foundation problems in houston? Cracked slab.

We Buy Houses Houston and know that while it can be more difficult, you can sell a house with foundation problems in Houston. However, there are some important things that you need to know if you decide to do so. Find out in this article brought to you by the Brilliant Day Homes Team.

Disclose The Property Foundation Issue

The first thing when you go to sell your house the issues need to be listed on the seller’s disclosure along with any other known defects with the house. It seems scary to disclose all of the problems knowing that it will cost you money to fix the problems on the property, or worse, no one will want to buy the house when they find out how much work is needed.

It is true that most people will have an inspection of the house to look for issues or damage. Many of the obvious problems with the house will be caught during the inspection, however, there is no way to guarantee that all of them will. If the issue is overlooked by the inspector, then it may never be addressed by the buyer.

It may seem like it the buyer’s problem if they don’t get a good enough inspector to find all of the issues with the house, and that would be on them if they don’t find all of the problems with the property. However, that is not how it works. Since there is no way to guarantee that an inspector can find all of the problems with a house in an hour or two compared to someone who has potentially lived in it for many years there has to be some way to keep the seller honest.

Legal Issues Selling The House

The seller’s disclosure requires you to list ALL know defects of the property and requires you to sign it. This is a legal document. So knowingly hiding foundation damage or any other problem with the house could get you in legal trouble.

In some cases, there is no way to prove that someone knew about an issue and lied about it. However, there are many times that repair work or an inspection of the property was done that revealed the issue prior. If the buyer had an issue with the house and come across that information it would be able to be used as evidence in proving that something was not disclosed on purpose.

Make sure to fully explain any issues with the house including issues with the foundation to your buyer. It could end up saving you from legal trouble down the line.

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