Sell My House Fast In Houston – Your Paint Issues

Sell My House Fast In Houston

If you are thinking about listing your house, or have already listed it you have probably thought to yourself “how can I sell my house fast?”. Well this article will try to give you a tool to help you accomplish that. Now, have you ever noticed how all of the remodeled houses seem to just have an overall clean look to them? Whether or not the quality is only on the surface, that surface still looks good! Do you think it is a coincidence that they all are using the same paint color? Nope. I will explain in just a moment, but lets look at the current state of the market for Houston.

From the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)

Sell my house fast in houston tx

Current State in Houston

Well it’s not Houston we have a problem bad, but it’s not going in the right direction if you are trying to sell. The fact is that the current housing market has been slowing for some time. Most realtors will say things like “well, last year was a record breaking year you can’t expect that every year.” -Which I don’t disagree with, however the fact is that we are do for a correction. Now the good news is that housing list prices aren’t dropping, but the bad news is that houses are sitting on the market for longer. If take a look at the chart above you will see that the total property sales are down over 5%, and the total active listings is up 11%! Unfortunately, this means that it is likely only a matter of time before housing sales prices will start to drop. Remember what you learned in your economics class – supply & demand. We are seeing the supply increase…however there is insufficient demand to keep up with it. We are beginning to see the shift from a seller’s market back to a buyer’s market. When that happens, prices will drop.

What all of this means is that you need to be able to have some advantages over your competition. You really need every inch you can get to reach the end zone. One of the most important things is actually one of the simplest. Your paint choice. Now you may be thinking “My paint color is fine just the way it is. Everyone will love my green walls with our orange accents!” Okay, so that may be a bit extreme on the colors, but the point is that you don’t want anything more than a neutral color on your walls. Why might you ask? It’s psychology.

Psychology In Selling Your House

You are taking something (your house) and making it personal to you when you choose your paint colors. As you make your house more personal to you, it becomes less personal to your potential buyer. Most realtors will tell you that buying a house is WAY more about emotions and a personal connection than it is about logic and reason. Your potential buyer isn’t looking at this as if they are “buying a house”, they are looking at it from the perspective of “finding a home”. Realtors know this, investors know this, re-modelers know this.

That is why almost all re-modelers never use any wild colors. The more neutral a color is, the less personal it feels – and that is key when you are selling your house fast. If you have your house painted with your favorite colors, accent walls, wallpaper with designs, etc. you have in fact eliminated a percentage of your buyer pool! So, am I saying that the wrong paint color can hinder an amazing house from being sold fast? I absolutely am.

Have I convinced you about the paint yet?! Good! 😉

For years the paint color you saw everywhere was beige (see Navajo white). Beige was everywhere in the 2000’s. While it isn’t a bad color at all, it has fallen out of favor with the general population to some degree. This is part of the HGTV effect. The trends on their shows shift the styles of the those who keep up with it. And the ones that are keeping up with it are the ones that are building and painting our houses!

Over the past several years the go-to color for the most neutral feel has been shifted from beige to…wait for it…light gray. Don’t believe me. Just get on HAR and look at some of the most recently sold houses, especially ones that have just been remodeled. It is shocking how many houses that have been recently painted are light gray. However, this choice of paint color is no coincidence and is very much by design.

You may still be sitting there wondering “Will this really help me sell my house fast?” Now, I make no promises on the time-frame, but I can guarantee you one thing – if two of the exact same houses are next door to one another, yours painted gray and your neighbors painted any other color, in most circumstances, yours will be sold faster.

I also have one small ace up my sleeve for you as well. There is one gray that may even be able to put you over the top with the others. This has been THE go-to color for many remodeling and house flipping companies. Which paint, in particular, am I talking about?

The Paint

Sherwin Williams – Agreeable Gray.

agreeable gray sell my house fast

Just to be clear: I have no affiliation or sponsorship from Sherwin Williams. This is me just sharing something that many investors already know, but most consumers don’t.

You may be looking at this swatch and thinking “this is gray, but in a way, it looks…. BEIGE!” Well, that’s because it is what is sometimes referred to as “Greige” (basically Gray+Beige). Okay, so beige isn’t completely dead, it is just keeping a low profile and hiding in gray these days.

So why is Agreeable Gray so good? Well, it works EVERYWHERE and with almost EVERYTHING.

Bathrooms – Check

Bedrooms – Check

Kitchens – Check

Hardwoods – Check…well maybe not gray planks

The point is – no matter the room, or the flooring, the color is fantastic and works with almost anything.

Final Thoughts:

If you are selling your house, or are considering selling, a fresh coat of Agreeable Gray will give you a clear advantage over your competition. With the current state of the market, we can all use any advantage we can get. I hope this helps!

As always, if you don’t want to paint, or go through the traditional process of listing and selling your house, head over and check out more about our company Brilliant Day Homes.

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