What Drives Us?

To Do Good Works. We have been actively involved in the Houston community and our church for the past 8 years. Spending time volunteering for events, going on retreats, and being a part of organizations that help others are what we are passionate about. It isn’t always fun, in fact, most days it is quite tiring. However, the return we get from putting in the work is 10-fold. It is our passion for helping others that led us to start Brilliant Day Homes – to allow us to have more time to give back and make a positive impact in the world.

Great Taste of the Heights 2019

Volunteering for the annual Great Taste of the Heights! This was my third year as lead for construction and setup of the event. What a great time with an awesome group of people!

Great Taste of the Heights 2018

One of my favorite events each year – the Great Taste of The Heights. We had construction running on schedule for the event! The single largest fundraiser for All Saints Catholic Church. 40+ hours of hard work in just 4 days! Truly a gift to take part in an event like this.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey was both a low point, and a high point in the 12 years we have been in Houston. The low point was obvious – The rainfall was devastating to our City. It was an incredibly fearful week, and truth be told, it is still hard believe it was real. The high point was the response from our city. How we unified and became stronger than anyone could have imagined. Our home wasn’t affected by Harvey, so we had to get out and work as much as possible to help get peoples lives back to normal. Harvey may have thrown a hard punch, but we banned together and got right back up.