damaged foundation slab in houston

Selling A House With Foundation Damage?

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selling a house with foundation damage

What to look for when there is foundation damage.

The symptoms of foundation damage are usually doors that don’t close, cracks in the sheetrock, cracks in the bricks, and cracks in the slab itself. Most of these are just superficial and can be repaired quite easily. Sometimes this is just due to some minimal settling, other times it is a serious problem.

If you start to see visible damage, you should determine the cause of issues, and not just try to fix the symptoms. You should do this as soon as possible, as the cost to fix a problem will likely continue to increase.

What are the concerns with foundation damage?

As the house shifts it not only will cause the house to separate, but it can also cause severe damage to the plumbing under the house. This can further speed up the amount of damage that is occurring. If the shifting slab breaks the sewer line, the water can start to pool under the slab and cause more damage to occur.

Besides the cost to repair the foundation itself, the biggest expense that can usually occur is damage to the sewer plumbing of the house. The cost to repair plumbing underneath a slab can be $10s of thousands of dollars alone!

Can you sell a house with foundation problems?

Yes. However, it needs to be listed on the seller’s disclosure along with any other known defects with the house. While most people will have an inspection, knowingly hiding foundation damage could get you in legal trouble. Make sure to fully explain any issues with the house including issues with the foundation to your buyer.

Do you need to fix the foundation before you can sell the house?

It depends on the buyer. In most cases, a traditional buyer isn’t going to be able to buy a house with severe foundation issues. The cost to repair foundation damage averages at over $4,000, and can easily be over $10,000 for major work.

Who buys foundation damaged houses in Houston?

We buy houses in Houston and we know that nothing deters buyers quite like cracks in the bricks and walls. Besides the fact that the cracks are unattractive, this could indicate severe damage that is very costly to repair. In many cases, buyers will walk away completely knowing that foundation repairs aren’t always done well.

We buy houses with foundation damage in Houston

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