A Bit About Us…

We are the owners of Brilliant Day Homes and we love Houston. We have been investing in the city for 12 years – and not just real estate. Supporting our local businesses, schools, and churches. Houston is a huge part of our lives. Since moving here, we got married, had two beautiful children, experienced hurricanes and found a place we don’t plan on leaving.

We didn’t start the company just for the money, although we do have to pay the bills, we started a business to be able to have the freedom to make our own schedules to be able to the things we are passionate about in life. Learn about our mission below.

We have been actively involved in the Houston community and our church for the past 8 years. Spending time volunteering for events, going on retreats, and being a part of organizations that help others are what we are passionate about.

It isn’t always fun, in fact, most days it is quite tiring. However, the return we get from putting in the work is 10-fold. It is our passion for helping others that led us to start Brilliant Day Homes – to allow us to have more time to give back and make a positive impact in the world.

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