Should You Work With An iBuyer in Houston Third Ward?

At Brilliant Day Homes we buy houses in the Third Ward in Houston, and many people have asked us “what is an iBuyer?” Today we are going to discuss what an iBuyer is, and should you work with an iBuyer in Houston Third Ward. iBuyers are somewhat of a new option in today’s real estate … Continued

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How Does We Buy Houses In Houston Work?

At Brilliant Day Homes, we buy houses in Houston TX, and we want to answer some questions about home buying companies that you may have. How does we buy ugly houses work? To discuss this, I am going to discuss in detail, how we buy houses companies work, what “we buy ugly houses” is, and … Continued

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My House Won’t Sell In Sugar Land TX

We buy houses in Sugar Land, Texas. Are you trying to sell your house in Sugar Land that just won’t sell? And top of that – the news says the economy is starting to slow down. However, we keep hearing that the housing market is doing well and is single handedly keeping the United States … Continued

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Foreclosure Process And Selling Your Home In Katy TX

We Buy Houses in Katy and we know how tough the foreclosure process can be. This article will try to help you understand the foreclosure process and selling your home in Katy TX, because it is an important part of navigating your own home foreclosure or avoiding it altogether. So lets discuss further… The Foreclosure … Continued

Pre-Foreclosure Options in Meadows Place TX

We buy houses in Meadows Place, Texas and with more than half a million houses across the country going into foreclosure each year, it’s important for both home owners and home buyers in TX to understand the process of what happens. Lets discuss the pre-foreclosure process and its options for borrowers that can delay, or … Continued

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What Are Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In Missouri City TX?

We buy houses in Missouri City, Texas and have noticed that even though the housing market is still pretty strong, we are starting to see a slight increase in TX foreclosures. If you are having trouble keeping up with your monthly mortgage payments, you may be worried that your mortgage provider is going to foreclose. … Continued

Can I Stay in My Home After Foreclosure in Katy TX?

Can I Stay in My Home After Foreclosure in Katy TX?

We buy houses in Katy, Texas and want to let you know something you may be surprised to find out – almost half of foreclosed properties in the US remain occupied! Yes, you read that correctly, almost half (~48%). That being said, what you are probably wondering now is “can I stay in my home … Continued