paperwork of selling a house with a lien

Can I Sell A House With A Lien?

The process of selling a house comes with many challenges. There is getting the house cleaned up, finding an agent, and negotiating back and forth with buyers. These things alone can be stressful. If you add to it having to deal with liens on a property, it can be overwhelming.
hoarder house that needs to be cleaned

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Hoarder House?

There are lots of challenges trying to clean a hoarder house. For some houses, it can be a DIY project if you have the time and energy to do all of the manual labor required. For more severe hoarding cases most people don’t have the time or energy to handle the amount of work and … Continued
sealing the smell in a hoarder house

How To Deodorize A Hoarder House

Most, if not all, hoarder houses smell bad, and trying to get rid of the foul odor requires a plan. The process to completely deodorize a hoarder house involves 4 key steps: throwing away anything that smells, cleaning all the surfaces in the house, running an ozone generator, and painting with an odor-blocking primer. Step … Continued
selling a house with foundation damage in houston

Selling A House With Foundation Damage

Are you planning on selling a house with foundation problems? Not sure if you have foundation damage? Want to know what are the warning signs for real issues? In this article, we discuss the various things you should know before selling a house with foundation problems and what steps to take during the sale process.

What Is A Notice Of Default In Texas?

A notice of default is a document that has to be filed by a lender to start the process of foreclosure. The foreclosure notice of default must be sent to anyone who has an interest in the property (any other loans, lenders, or even contractors who are owed money for work done to a property … Continued

What Is Pre-Foreclosure?

Preforeclosure is the beginning state of the foreclosure process. If you as the borrower fail to make your mortgage payment for 3 consecutive months you are considered to be in default. At this point, the bank or lender usually begins pre-foreclosure. If a homeowner fails to make the necessary payments, the bank will foreclose on … Continued

Selling A House With Asbestos In Texas

Trying to get rid of asbestos in your house? Before 1980, asbestos was commonly used in a lot of different home-building materials. This means, if you have an older home, it’s likely that the ceiling, wall plasters, wallboard, floor, and even ceiling have asbestos in them. On its own, this isn’t a problem.

How Does A Low Appraisal Affect Selling A House?

If you are selling your house and the appraisal comes in low, the buyer will then have to put down additional money to make up the difference between the buying price and the appraised value. If the buyer is unable or unwilling to pay more for a house that doesn’t appraise the next option would … Continued
how to sell house with mold

Can You Sell A House With Mold?

In this article: Can you sell a house with mold? Is it legal to sell a house with mold? How much does mold reduce home value? What should I do if I have mold? Mold is actually a very common problem for many houses in Houston and an issue in many real estate markets. Mold … Continued
closing costs

What Are Closing Costs When Selling A House?

In Houston, the typical closing costs are 2 – 5% of the sales price. This is independent of the 6% commissions that the real estate agents receive, as well as any concessions that the buyers are asking for. All of these should also be factored into your final numbers to have an idea of what … Continued

What To Expect With Probate In Houston

Going through the probate process typically means that you have lost someone you love. By preparing ahead of time and having a plan in place ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus on your remembering your loved one as opposed to trying to figure everything out when emotions are running high. Keeping reading to … Continued

Selling A House With Tenants In Katy

Are you selling a house with tenants in Katy? The process can be much more difficult than a typical sale. Learn more about what to expect in our latest post!  Maybe you own an investment property in Katy that isn’t making you money. Maybe you are tired of constant tenant turnover. Maybe you are tired … Continued
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