A Bit About Brilliant Day

Thanks for stopping by to check out our site! Brilliant Day Homes is a local, family owned business that focuses on helping homeowners find solutions for their property problems. We are not “flippers” or “investors” looking to pay pennies on the dollar. We are Houston residents that buy properties off-market for cash. We serve individuals in the greater Houston area that want to sell their property easily and without hassle, so they can move on to what’s next. We hold a mission to help others, and make each day a brilliant one.

Local Houston Home Buyer Kevin Bazazzadeh profile.


If you have an appointment with Brilliant Day, you will most likely be meeting with him. Kevin studied Biology at Texas A&M, and Chemical Engineering at the UH. Kevin is a long-time guitarist, a silly dad, loves learning new things and getting to meet new people!


Savannah makes sure that nothing slips through the cracks, and things are always taken care of on time. Savannah studied accounting at Texas A&M. She is a strong mom, an avid reader, and loves being outdoors when the weather is nice.

We also have assistants and front desk agents that we couldn’t live without. Our aim is for your transaction to be smooth, easy and professional.

Our Core Values At Brilliant Day…

Service Above All Others. Be Reliable. Creative Solutions. A Great Experience.

Service Above All Others – Service is the cornerstone of our company. We believe in having a servant’s heart and providing a quality of service that people deserve.

Being Reliable – We believe in being consistently reliable. We know that the only way for us to have a successful company that we are proud of, is to keep our promises and always come through.

Creative Solutions – We love solving challenges that no one else can figure out. Unique solutions help us solve problems that our clients might be facing. Creative thinking is one of the things that allows our small team to be so effective without needing to be a huge company.

A Great Experience – No matter who you work with at our company, or who you speak with, we want you to be satisfied, and leave feeling that you spoke with someone who is honest and has integrity. No matter if you are selling a house to us, you are a contractor working with us, or you are new to real estate and need advice, we want everyone to feel that they had a great experience working with Brilliant Day Homes.

Houston Is Our Home

Annual Great Taste of the Heights

One of Brilliant Day’s favorite events each year – the Great Taste of The Heights. The single largest fundraiser for All Saints Catholic Church. 40+ hours of hard work in just 4 days! Truly a gift to help in an event like this.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was both a low point, and a high point. The low point was obvious – The rainfall was devastating to our City, and it is still hard believe it was real. The high point was the response from our city. How we unified and became stronger than anyone could have imagined.

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