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Selling Your House Can Be Quick And Simple

Brilliant Day Homes buys houses in and around HOUSTON and other areas too. We’re not listing your house… we’re actually the ones buying your house. Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. Like we’ve mentioned, when you work with us there are no fees… like there are when you list your house with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of pocket to sell your house fast, or even getting your house ready for a sale (we’ll buy your house as-is).

How We Determine Your Offer

This is a shortened overview of how we calculate your offer. If you want to see the full breakdown of how we determine some of the numbers and what some the definitions are you can go here. It shouldn’t be some big secret how a company determines their offers, and we are transparent with how we determine yours. In the example I will go through the process of showing calculations for “remodeling and reselling” since it is the more complicated of the calculations.

For Remodeling and Reselling

Your Offer = (ARV) – (Cost of Repairs) – (Selling Costs) – (Holding Costs) – (Profit From Resale)

Realtor & Remodel

Let’s find out how much you would walk away with if your house needs some work, and you want to do the work yourself, and sell it the traditional way by listing it with a realtor.

  1. You speak with a realtor, they tell you they can get you $150K for your property if you fixed it up.
  2. You get a contractor and renovate the house. Lets assume everything went according to plan.
  3. You pay the contractor $25K. He remodels the house and finishes on time, in the two months he promised.
  4. You then list your property at $150K. It gets an offer the first day on the market for full price.
  5. You go to the inspection period and there are no problems.
  6. You close on the property 60 days after you first listed it.
  7. The house sells. You paid the repair costs, holding costs and selling costs.


  • Sold price = $150K
  • Repair Costs = $25K
  • Holding Costs=$4K (It took 4 months total)
  • Selling Costs=$13K

Our ideal scenario, after 4 months you are walking away with $108K. Not bad at all.

Brilliant Day Homes

Now we are going to run the numbers for us to see how we determine your offer.

  • Because we have contractors, we are able to get discounts on repairs because we can keep them working. So where it cost you $25K, it will cost us about $15K
  • We also know how to setup a scope of work, and a draw schedule for all of the contractors to ensure that they meet their projected deadlines. We work with them to schedule tasks, and buy all materials so that they can focus on the work. This means we can be done in only one month, where it took two for you.
  • Then we factor our necessary profit for the deal and taking all the risks. This will vary depending whether or not we are going to keep the property as a rental or immediately sell it. In this case lets say our necessary profit = $19,000.


  • ARV = $150K
  • Repair Costs = $15K
  • Holding Costs=$3K (It took 3 months total)
  • Selling Costs=$13K
  • Profit From Resale=$19K

Your Offer = (ARV) – (Our Cost of Repairs) – (Selling Costs) – (Holding Costs) – (Profit From Resale)

Your Offer = $150K$15K$3K$13K$19K = $100K

So our offer to you would be $100K

A Closer Look

Realtor & Remodel = $108K in 4 months

Brilliant Day Homes = $100K in as little as 7 days

As with most things, if you want to put in the time to do the work, you have a higher potential upside on your profit. In this case we would be offering you $8,000 less for your property than you would get if you spent the 4 months doing the work instead.

But what if everything didn’t go as planned in the Realtor & Remodel scenario…

  • What if the contractor just left with your $25,000 and didn’t do any work?
  • What it the contractor did poor quality work and the house didn’t appraise for $150,000. What if it was only $135,000?
  • What if the house didn’t sell the day it went on the market, what if it sat for a month or two before getting any offers?
  • What if there was a foundation problem or some other major issue found in the inspection?  $$$

We take the risk on these things, so you don’t have to. Can the same things listed above happen to us? Absolutely. We are not immune to the risks associated with houses, but we are able to mitigate them by knowing more people and having experience.

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