Want To Sell A Rent House In Houston?

tired of tenants in rent house

Are You Ready To Sell A Rental Property?

Sometimes, tenants will keep you up at night. In other cases, you have had long term tenants that you care about. Either way, we can work with you to have a smooth transition.

We buy rental properties in Houston. If you have been considering selling a rental property, contact us before you list it. You will be surprised at the offers we make for rent houses!

Common Reasons To Sell A Rental

  • Too many repairs to keep up with
  • Ready to cash out for retirement
  • Moving your money into something else
  • Frustrated with trouble tenants
  • Tired of evictions and working for free

We Make It Easy For You

Selling a rental property is a challenge especially if you have tenants in place. You need to try and make sure that your lease agreement is up in order to make sure the house is vacant for the people you are selling to. In addition, sometimes tenants refuse to leave, then you are forced to go through the eviction process.

We will make it easy for you. No need to try to time the lease for the tenants to be out in order to sell, or spend money to fix it up to list on the market.

Let us do the dirty work!

We Buy Rent Houses In Houston

  • No repairs needed
  • Close in as little as 2 weeks
  • Help with eviction or squatters
  • No realtor commissions or fees
  • We pay closing costs

We provide an alternative that is quick and stress-free. Fill out the simple form below, and we will show you how easy selling your Houston rent house can be.

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