Need To Sell A Vacant House in Houston?

Do You Have A House Sitting Vacant In Houston?

There are many reasons you may want to sell a house that is sitting vacant. A vacant house can be a money pit since you are still paying taxes, utilities, HOAs, and sometimes a mortgage if it isn’t paid off. This can add up to a lot of wasted money over time!

unfinished house renovation sitting vacant in houston

Unable to finish a house renovation that is now sitting vacant?

In many cases, what seemed to be a great renovation, ends up bad. This could be due to a lot of factors – maybe there is something that was uncovered in the process that is a much bigger expense than what was budgeted for.

You may be surprised to find out that a foundation issue alone can be 10’s of thousands of dollars…or maybe that is what you have found out the hard way.

Sometimes being over budget stops a renovation dead in its tracks…for years. You keep thinking you will get to it, but as time passes, more money is lost on things like property taxes, utility bills, and HOA fees. You may have already considered selling the house as is and moving on.

home that is empty due to water damage that has not be repaired

Stuck waiting to do repairs on an empty house before listing?

Sometimes it’s not a full-blown renovation that is needed for a house. At times it is just some repairs that you need to do before you can sell. This is very common for houses that have been inherited.

Maybe there are major plumbing or electrical issues that need to be addressed before you can get it to a point to list it on the market.

Maybe you have had a contractor walk away with your money without doing the work…we know what that feels like.

Vacant Houston house that has a broken window due to vandalism

Is your vacant house is being vandalized?

We know all too well that having real estate is not a matter of if a vacant house will be vandalized, but when. There are plenty of horror stories about stolen appliances, copper piping, HVAC equipment, and even an entire kitchen.

If you are experiencing vandalism, or are concerned about it and are considering selling, reach out to us. We have bought houses that have been vandalized.

Should you sell your vacant house?

You could list your house on the market with an agent. Listing the house will get more people to see be able to see it. However, keep in mind that if there are major repairs needed most people won’t be able to buy it because they will not be able to get a mortgage on it, or they won’t want to buy it because of all of the work needed.

Selling as-is for cash won’t require you to do any work, and also won’t have you stuck with the house for months waiting for it to sell.

We Buy Vacant Houses

If you have a house that is sitting vacant (for whatever reason) reach out to us. We can take care of finishing the renovation, doing the repairs, stopping the vandalism, and can get you cash in as little as two weeks so you can get rid of the stress. If you want, or need to sell a house, just give us a call (713)903-2582 or fill out the short form below. We are here to help.

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