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I have known Kevin and Savannah for close to a decade and can attest that they treat everyone, personally and professionally, as they would like to be treated. Virtuous, trustworthy & respectful are just a few of the traits I’ve observed in them.  I happily recommend them if you’re looking to sell your home.

Jamie Hay


I have known Kevin personally and professionally for over two decades. He is someone who’s positive attitude and attention to detail inspires others to strive for excellence. Kevin is passionate about helping others succeed and is someone who people can count on. Anyone working with Kevin will quickly see that he delivers to the highest standards and is one of the most reliable individuals that you will ever work with.

Bryant Fortner



We have known Kevin and Savannah personally for over 15 years. They are hardworking and trustworthy individuals. They are active members of their community and church. In both their professional and personal lives, they operate with the utmost level of integrity and honesty.


Cody & Sara Breland



I have known Savannah and Kevin on a professional and personal level for over a decade and in all of that time, they have continually demonstrated exceptional character and morals in their business and personal lives. Customers of Brilliant Day are fortunate to be dealing with business owners that have such great integrity.

Mitchell Sosa

We have known Savannah and Kevin for over 7 years and, in that time, we have seen them grow as a couple; we have watched them bring two beautiful children into the world; we have seen them develop and blossom as exceptionally caring, considerate, kind, gentle, and loving parents, friends, community members and faith-filled people of God. The Brilliant Day Homes customer will find them to be role models of integrity, honesty, thoughtfulness and exceptional character. Of this, we have no doubt whatsoever. They are a blessing in our lives and we are sure they will be in yours as well.
Duane and Catherine Bradley


We have known Kevin and Savannah personally for several years and during that time they have demonstrated leadership, compassion and honesty. They are well regarded in the community and work hard to build and maintain relationships.


Omar and Mia Ihsan

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