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Need To Sell A House With Flood Damage?

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are you selling a house that flooded in houston?

“I want to sell my flood-damaged house.”

If you live in Houston you know flooding is an issue. Over the past 5 years alone Harris county has had a large amount of flooding due to excessive rain. Some notable events:

  • 2015 Memorial Day Flooding
  • 2016 Tax Day Flood
  • 2016 Memorial Day Flood
  • 2017 Hurricane Harvey
  • 2019 Tropical Storm Imelda

Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that flooding will ever stop. If you have been affected by flooding, we have put together some information for you below.

Can you sell a house that has flooded?

Yes, you can sell a flooded house. There are no legal issues to sell, as long as you properly disclose that the house has been flooded before. Failing to share that a property has flooded before can land you in hot water. Make sure to explain the repairs that were made and show any warranties for the work. You should also disclose if your house is in a flood zone as buyers have to hold flood insurance which will add to their costs.

How to sell a house that has flood damage in Houston

If you decide you want to sell the house instead of fixing it, that isn’t a problem. In addition, if you were paid out from your insurance company to fix the house, you can still sell it without doing the repairs. You just need to make sure you find a buyer that is willing to do the work. If you are selling to us, there is nothing that you need to do, we can handle taking care of all of the repairs.

My house flooded do I need a mold free certification to sell it?

If you are selling to a home buying company, there is no need to get mold remediation done before selling. We will take care of the property in any condition. In fact, we prefer to handle the removal with our contractors as we know the job will be done properly.

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