Selling A House With Mold in Houston

Does your house have mold? Mold is actually a very common problem for many houses in Houston. Mold is caused by water and excessive moisture, and our humid weather makes it a breeding ground for the fungus to flourish. On top of that, we have had no shortage of flooding in the last several years.

Mold Can Be Harmful

You really need to be careful if there is mold in your house. Not only can mold damage your house… it can also make the people living there sick if it’s not taken care of. At the same time, finding the mold and getting rid of it can be tedious and expensive.

Here are some options for dealing with mold:

Find The Mold Source And Clean

selling a home with mold in Houston

Before you get help dealing with the mold, it’s useful to figure out where the mold is coming from and how bad the problem is. This will help you determine whether you need to hire an expert or whether you can take care of it yourself. Do everything in your power to not come into direct contact with the mold. Breathing it in can cause serious health problems. Always use a mask and gloves when doing any of the cleaning yourself.

If you have a little mold problem, you can usually clean it with baking soda dissolved in water. There are some aspects you can take care of yourself, such as scrubbing the mold from the walls, floors, or ceilings. Any porous or absorbent materials should be disposed of as it is near impossible to fully remove the mold spores. But again, this is only effective for very small, localized amounts of mold.

Call Mold Remediation Experts

house with mold on the ceiling

If you find that your mold problem is more than you can handle, then it’s best to call a mold professional for analysis and removal. This can be a pretty intense process that might even require you to leave your home for a little bit. The cost is usually between $600 and $5,000 depending on how bad the problem is.

Cleaning up mold can be expensive, as cleanup and restoration companies can cost a fortune, but in many cases, their services are worth it. It isn’t always about what you can see sometimes there can be mold growing inside of the walls.

Once the job has been completed, schedule an inspection and get it in writing that the problem no longer exists.

Selling Disclosure For Mold

If you decide to list the house to sell on the market, it is important to tell your agent there are mold issues. You will need to disclose any repaired or ongoing problems and the steps you have taken to remedy the situation. Obtain a Certification Of Repair and have the information as to what has been done at your immediate disposal. It is very important that you disclose everything to potential buyers to avoid a lawsuit down the road.

Sell As Is For Cash

Maybe you just don’t have the time or money to deal with the mold problem. We have seen it all and will help you by paying a fair and honest price for your house as-is even if you have mold and water damage. Selling your house as-is is the easiest way to combat a problem with mold. We are ready to buy it right now so you can collect your proceeds from the sale and move on with your life.

Final Thoughts

In Houston, we have seen no shortage of mold over the years. We saw major mold issues in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey.  Having mold in your home can pose a real threat to your ability to sell it the traditional way. If you would like an offer on your house, as it is right now, give our team a call to learn more about how we can help you. There is never any obligation.

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