5 Tips For Selling Your Rental Property In HOUSTON

Selling your rental property may feel like a challenge. With tenants living in the home, it can be even more difficult. Utilize these tips for selling a rental property in our latest post! As a landlord in HOUSTON, there may come a time when you need to sell your rental property. While waiting until your … Continued

Should You Work With An iBuyer in Houston Third Ward?

At Brilliant Day Homes we buy houses in the Third Ward in Houston, and many people have asked us “what is an iBuyer?” Today we are going to discuss what an iBuyer is, and should you work with an iBuyer in Houston Third Ward. iBuyers are somewhat of a new option in today’s real estate … Continued

We Buy Houses In Houston

How Does We Buy Houses In Houston Work?

At Brilliant Day Homes, we buy houses in Houston TX, and we want to answer some questions about home buying companies that you may have. How does we buy ugly houses work? To discuss this, I am going to discuss in detail, how we buy houses companies work, what “we buy ugly houses” is, and … Continued